Endurance training/survival for you and your horse


Why Riders-up? Its actually a race track term, since the track was part of my journey to endurance riding and a deeper understanding and appreciation of my equine partners, it seemed appropriate. It also brings excitement and anticipation because after it is announced the action begins. Not to mention my best endurance and trail horses all started their first careers as race trackers and are now having great success with their new careers. So every now and then I will be bringing some helpful tips whose origins have come from the race track.

With that being said, Riders-up!

  Interested in

Endurance Riding?

Trail Riding?


Want to learn the sport in a friendly setting?

Would you like to enjoy yourself while learning the ropes without the pressure?


We work with adults, juniors, and their horses. You will learn about training rides, conditioning rides, Limited Distance rides, and of course Endurance Rides. We not only get you started but will stay with you and walk/trot you through the course of the event, P&R’s, vet checks, the whole thing. We want you to know how to get yourself and your horse safely through the ride and have fun doing it.


If you have a willingness to learn (a bit of a sense of humor is welcome) and this interests you, give us a call for prices and tell us what your goals are. Little or big we will help you get there!


Beth and Kadee Felton



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