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A Miracle on the road to Tevis


A prayer was answered yesterday in the form of a miracle. Sometimes prayers get answered a long ways after the initial request, sometimes the answer is just “no”, and sometimes they can be answered in such a powerful immediate way that the only word for it is “miracle”.


Well, that is what happened yesterday. To go back about a week ago, I was having a conversation with my daughter Kadee about making some goals to work toward for 2011. We have had financial struggles since my husband/Kadee’s father passed away about 16 months ago and it has defiantly bit our endurance riding. I felt that we should still strive to compete with our horses for as long as we can and setting some selective goals would help, she agreed. I knew that she has really wanted to do Tevis for the past 4 years now (I told her she had to wait until she was 15!) and that we should go for it next year. She declined saying it was too expensive. I knew she really wanted to do it but was making the mature decision knowing our finances. I told her we should shoot for it anyway and that we will try to get sponsors, if we can’t then it was not meant to be, she agreed. So I began to pray about it hoping I was not being frivolous with my request, willing to accept no if it came down to it.


Then yesterday I received a phone call from Jennifer Stalley. Seems she was at an event the night before where there was a prize of a free Tevis entry. Debby Lyon won this prize and then graciously donated it back to a junior that wanted to do Tevis. “Did anyone in the room know of one?” Jennifer immediately thought of Kadee (mind you, she did not know of our recent plan) and procured the entry for her! I was an emotional mess as she told me of the events. I knew it was a miracle and an answer to prayer plain and simple. Many times God works through people to fulfill his cause. I do truly thank both Debby and Jennifer for what they have done for us and give thanks to the Lord for orchestrating it.


Now comes our part. We are committed now to actually go to Tevis and do it! We may or may not complete but we now have to opportunity to give it our best shot and we will! So stay tuned to the rest of our story as it unfolds over the next 7 months.

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